• Attorney-at-law, Member of the Ghent Bar
  • Of Counsel at Lexlitis Gent
  • Associate Professor of International Law at Leiden University (since 2007)
  • Attorney-at-law at Harmel, Herinckx & de Ridder (2002-2006 and 2013-2014) and Lexlitis Center (2014-2016)
  • Visiting Professor of International Investment Law at the Universities of Lille (2010-2015), Trento (2014-2016) and Groningen (2013)
  • Assistant Lecturer and Researcher, Department of Public International Law, Ghent University (2002-2007)
  • Lecturer in International Trade Law and International Institutions at the Karel de Grote University College Antwerp (2005-2007)

Practise Areas

International Dispute Settlement
International Arbitration
International Investment Law
Public International Law


PhD in Law (Ghent University, 2007)
International Law Seminar, United Nations Office in Geneva (2005)
Bar Exam, Brussels Bar (2002-2003)
LL.M. in Public International Law (University of Geneva, 2001-2002)
BA (Law) and LL.M. (Ghent University, 1996-2001)




  • Editor-in-Chief of the Leiden Journal of International Law
  • Member of the Board of Editors of the Belgian Review of International Law and the Journal of World Investment & Trade
  • Series Editor of the ‘Martinus Nijhoff Investment Law Series’ (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers) and ‘Jus Gentium’ international law series (Bruylant)


Main relevant publications :

Books :

  • Investment Treaty Arbitration as Public International Law. Procedural Aspects and Implications (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014)
  • Foreign investment in the energy sector: Balancing private and public interests, (edited with T. Gazzini) (Leiden/Boston: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, July 2014).
  • International Investment Law. Sources of Rights and Obligations, (edited with T. Gazzini) (Leiden/Boston: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2012).


Book Chapters :

  • “Responsabilité internationale et régulation économique : la protection internationale des investissements en perspective. In: Renders D. (Ed.) La responsabilité extracontractuelle des pouvoirs publics.. Brussels: Bruylant. 621-647.
  • “Co-existence and Conflict: Interaction between Preferential Trade and Investment Agreements and the BIT World”, in Rainer Hofmann, Christian Tams and Stephan Schill, Preferential Trade and Investment Agreements: A New Ordering Paradigm for International Investment Relations? (Baden-Baden: Nomos Publishers, 2013).
  • “Human Rights Considerations in International Investment Arbitration”, in M. Fitzmaurice and P. Merkouris (eds.), The Interpretation and Application of the European Convention of Human Rights: Legal and Practical Implications (Boston/Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2012).


Articles :

  • “Host States’ Due Diligence Obligations in International Investment Law, Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce 42(2): 319-361.
  • “Immunity of International Organisations and Belgian Courts”, 11 International Organizations Law Review (2014).
  • “Le conflit entre le droit belge et le droit international : un conflit dont les multiples formes sont abordées par les juges sous différents angles” (with Anne Lagerwall), 46 Revue Belge de Droit International (2012/2, pp. 53-76.
  • “Derde Partij Financiering en de onafhankelijkheid en onpartijdigheid van arbiters in internationale investeringsarbitrage”, 1 b-Arbitra – Belgian Arbitration Review (2013), pp. 101-122.
  • “Third-Party Funding in International Investment Arbitration” (with J. Lepeltak), 27(2) ICSID Review – Foreign Investment Law Journal (2012), pp. 379-398.
  • “Good Faith, Abuse of Process, and the Initiation of Investment Treaty Claims”, 3(3) Journal of International Dispute Settlement (2012), pp. 609-636.
  • “Individuals in Advisory Proceedings before the International Court of Justice: Equality of the Parties and the Court’s Discretionary Authority”, 11(2) The Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals (2012), pp. 253-279.
  • “The ICSID Rule on Early Dismissal of Unmeritorious Investment Treaty Claims : Preserving the Integrity of ICSID Arbitration”, 9(1) Manchester Journal of International Economic Law (2012), pp. 23-44.


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