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Lexlitis is a group of law firms, established in various business centres, with a flexible structure and few operational costs. It aims at optimal efficiency by means of various complementary offices with similar policies.
Lexlitis distinguishes itself by its quickness of reaction, its knowledge of local markets and its national and international relations, in the interest of its clients. The clients are mainly business persons, trading companies, organizations and a substantial number of private individuals.

Lexlitis has offices in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Liege and is also represented elsewhere in Europe and in the world. Lexlitis is a network, a label, a logo, a brand. It stands first and foremost for joint spirit and know-how, inspiring each affiliate law firm.

Discover our offices :

Lexlitis Center

Lexlitis Brussels

Lexlitis Brussels is a multilingual firm committed to the global practice of law, situated at the south of Brussels, near the Royal Observatory of Belgium.

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Lexlitis Liege

Lexlitis Liege is a multidisciplinary lawyer’s office composed of qualified and experienced lawyers recognized by the Bar Council and the judiciary world.

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Lexlitis Antwerp

Lexlitis Antwerp offers a comprehensive range of legal services to both local and foreign corporations as well as governments, financial institutions and private individuals.

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Lexlitis Ghent

Lexlitis Genth is highly sensitive to the importance of the human dimension of the lawyer-client relationship and has built a strong reputation for successfully practicing law in partnership with the client.

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